Shanghai 2021 | 白8 cocktails at J Boroski, Tacolicious and Dusk to Dawn

A trio of Shanghai venues will feature cocktails made with 白8, a new light aroma baijiu with eight botanicals, including hawthorn, Sichuan peppercorn, green tea and Buddha’s hand.

Created by RJ Steiner and James Gillespie, 白8 uses baijiu from Zhejiang province, to which they add those botanicals, then redistill and blend the final product. You can try it in cocktail form here:

  • J Boroski, the Shanghai branch of an operation with bars in Bangkok and Hong Kong, will feature the 搭配海灵菇, a cocktail created by Mark Lloyd and that plays on the umami elements of 白8.
  • Tacolicious will have the Lucky Number 8, a cocktail created by co-owner Logan Browse, who previously participated in World Baijiu Day via Logan’s Punch. This one mixes the mellowness of agave with the punchy citrus edge in 白8.
  • Dusk Till Dawn, a speakeasy where Eric Almazov has created the O-Ren Ishii, which sees the tartness of Japanese Yuzu jam balance the sweetness of American bourbon and umami of 白8. Find this cocktail on the menu all summer.

For those who want to try 白8 at home, get 15% off by using the code WBD2021 from August 8 until August 15. Open this link in WeChat and use the QR code.

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