2019 Events

Scroll down for World Baijiu Day events all around the planet. All events on August 9 unless otherwise noted.

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Chinese restaurant Huami has a pair of tasty baijiu cocktails to go with its regional cuisine. Details here.


Jing-A Brewpub

This craft brewer will feature the third in a series of World Baijiu Day beers made with daqu, the brick of grains that kick-starts fermentation in baijiu. Rmb35 per glass on World Baijiu Day.


Enjoy the refreshingly effervescent El Brujo, with berry liqueurs, blood orange soda and baijiu, at a special price of rmb48. Partnered with El Infusionista and Chifa Titi in Lima. See below.

Brickyard at Mutianyu

Baijiu-inspired deep-fried ice cream for rmb48. Plus spritzers for rmb38. Just a short jaunt from the Great Wall.


Goldfisch Bar

Enjoy Chinese baijiu at an American bar in the heart of a German city. Goldfisch in Berlin offers such an experience on World Baijiu Day with its Ming River cocktails. Details here.


Details to come


Try the Beijing Berry Fizz cocktail. Plus a tasting of baijius, cocktails and Chinese food.


Cali Co Cocktail Bar

Expect a “baijiu-fueled bonanza” by the guys behind Chengdu Food Tours. A trio of cocktails. Flights. Paojiu. A guided tasting. And more.


Janitor’s Closet

This tiny new bar in Fieldhouse Jones Hotel will do a special cocktail called Sichuan 2000. Equal parts ume-infused Ming River, Pierre Ferrand Ambre Cognac and lemon, with yuzu and some bubbles.



The first Finnish partner for World Baijiu Day, Biang! features dishes like mapo tofu, kung pao chicken to biang biang noodles. Details on its baijiu cocktails soon.


El Infusionista

Enjoy the refreshing El Brujo, with berry liqueurs, blood orange soda and baijiu. Partnered with Pachapapi in Beijing.

Chifa Titi

Chifa refers to a Chinese restaurant and this one, considered among Lima’s best, will also serve El Brujo.


Demon, Wise & Partners

This WBD veteran is teaming up with fenjiu importer Cheng International for baijiu-inspired chocolates and cocktails, on August 9. Details here.


Peking Tavern

A WBD participant since 2015, Peking Tavern will feature its cold noodles, baijiu cocktails and a DJ this year. Details here.

Songbird Cafe

Try a Baijiu Smoked Coffee for World Baijiu Day.


Mixology + Puerto Banús

Enjoy two original cocktailsSun Wukong and Mediterranean Fist, by Nicolas Constantin, who organized the first WBD event in Argentina and now the first in Spain.


Carry Nation

Enjoy a series of Silk Road-themed cocktails, including the intriguing Les Échevins, with liqueur Ratafia de Marseilles, Moutai and more. August 7 through August 11. Details here.


Golden Monkey

This Melbourne establishment has been serving up superb cocktails on World Baijiu Day since 2015. Try its riff on the Corpse Reviver, with a refreshing mix of baiju, Alize, Lillet and lemon.



Imbibers in Minnesota-Saint Paul can enjoy cocktails at five venues that use Minnesota-based brand Ganbei: Hai, Hodges Bend, Lat 14 Asian Eatery, Lawless Distilling and Rainbow Chinese. Full details here.


Make-Make Tiki Bar

Ayahuasca Social Club

Steve Wang of WE Brewery in Tianjin and Evgeniy Kuznetsov in Minsk teamed up for baijiu fun in 2018 and will do a repeat this year on Friday. On Friday, Wang will feature at Make Make. The next night, it’s a cocktail session at the Ayahuasca Social Club.


Urban Uncorked

Learn a bit more about baijiu with an education tasting of the four main styles. From 5 PM to 8 PM.


Two Star Liquor

Take an educational class on baijiu and then get special pricing on Ming River, including mini bottles for USD2.99 (regular price USD4.99). 


Vinn Distillery

Danwei Canting

Vinn is one of the original WBD participants. Details to come.



Just got in touch with these distillers, who will hold a tasting with staff and friends this year to put Iceland “on the map” for World Baijiu Day, and then do something bigger in 2020!



Enjoy baijiu cocktails with dumplings, dim sum and more at one of the city’s top Chinese restaurants. Details here.


Realm of the 52 Remedies

The Jade Empress has lots going on with a mix of Tempus Fugit Banana Liqueur, Ming River Baijiu and Rhum J.M Blanc. Plus green tea syrup and lemon juice. Plus, to top it off, a float of salted cream cheese and green tea powder. It’s not a drink you’ll find every day.


M.Y. China

Get primed on baijiu with a flight and tasting discussion of four baijiu styles, from 6 PM to 9 PM, with “Sunset at Eight” cocktails available for USD13 from 5 PM to close. 


Logan’s Punch II

Logan Brouse’s new venue will hold its “soft opening” on World Baijiu Day. Pop by for some baijiu cocktails. Details here.


Compass Bar by Curator

This Shenzhen bar is back, this time with its sibling Compass Cafe, to serve some stunning baijiu cocktails. From a baijiu sour to the potent Materia Medicao to ‘Mashing the Bills’ with 30-year-old spirit. Details here.


The Dragon Chamber

[On August 10] This speakeasy will feature the cocktail White Spirit of Manchu. Show the World Baijiu Day logo for a free shot. And expect samples of Wuliangye and Guojiao 1573. Details here.


Stikki Nikki

[On August 10] Baijiu importer Lu Spirits is again teaming with Stikki Nikki for some baijiu-inspired gelatos.


[On August 10] The Chinese drinking culture society known as Jiuxian will again hold a massive boozy banquet. RSVP essential. Make yours ASAP via ‘Mr Jiuxian‘.



Lotus The Galleries

Lotus Barangaroo

Enjoy HKB baiiu cocktails all day long With ginger, chili, lime, soda and bitters. And you have three places to pick from: Bund, Lotus The Galleries and Lotus Barangaro.


R&D Cocktail Bar

Look for R&D, an original WBD participant, to feature five baijii cocktails for World Baijiu Day weekend. Details soon.


WE Brewery

WE is bringing two tasty drinks together by topping its craft beers with baijiu-infused floats.


Bao Bei

Bao Bei restaurant in the Chinatown section of Vancouver will feature the cocktail Golden Boar, using local baijiu Dragon Mist. Details here.


Charles Sturt University

Join a two-hour session that includes a primer on baijiu, how it is made and a tasting of several brands. More info here.


Tiger Fork Restaurant

Details to come.