2020 Events

Due to the coronavirus pandemic – with restrictions varying from nation to nation and city to city – World Baijiu Day event details will solidify as we near August 9. We are also planning to take WBD online for those in cities where events are not possible. Here is a tentative list of events.

Scroll down for World Baijiu Day events all around the planet. Final details to be posted by August 7.

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The Rug

FINISHED August 5 | Join a guided tasting by boutique producer Guanyun that covers four baijiu styles, followed by a pairing dinner with five fusion dishes from The Rug, such as sous vide pork with soba noodles, mapo tofu pizza and a pearl milk tea-based dessert.

Ten seats. 元188 person. Includes two tasting glasses for each person to take home. RSVP essential. No walk-ins. spirit (at) worldbaijiuday.com.



August 7-9 | This Sichuan-inspired restaurant and bar in the Opposite House Hotel will feature two baijiu cocktails–menu regular Erguotou Fizz and newcomer Zhuyeqing Sour. Peach and raspberry baijiu sorbet will also be on offer. Each item is 元89. Superfly stocks numerous baijius for those who want something straight up.


The Brickyard at Mutianyu

August 8-10 | The deep-fried baijiu ice cream makes a return! Get a scoop for 元36. The team at the Brickyard, part of World Baiju Day since the launch in 2015, will also feature “coffee corretto’, complete with a shot of baijiu, for 元36 per cup.


In & Out Yunnan Restaurant

August 9 | Enjoy a flight of three flavorful baijiu infusions — guava, yangmei and plum–for 元36. In & Out will also feature a new cocktail that uses both baijiu and the Chinese gin brand VICU. And look for White Rabbit candy baijiu shots to hop in and make an appearance.


Sumiao Hunan Kitchen

Sumiao has featured everything Sizzling Baijiu Shrimp to the Beijing Berry Fizz over the years. For World Baijiu Day 2020, expect a pair of new drinks: the Peppermelon, with watermelon juice, black pepper and baijiu, and for those with a sweet tooth, a White Rabbit candy baijiu shot. And those whose who want to explore more, Sumiao has a dozen other baijiu options, from cocktails to full bottles.


Chengdu Food Tours

August 9 | Chengdu Food Tours will partner with Nanmen Craft Beer for a guided baijiu tasting at 7 PM: 元50 gets you five drinks plus a buy-one get-one-free deal on paojiu (fruit-infused baijiu). RSVP required for the tasting: scan the QR code to sign up.

And there’s more! From 8 PM, there will be a baijiu popup bar party with games and prizes. No entry fee.


Pop-Up Beijing & Taizi

August 9 |Christchurch will celebrate World Baijiu Day 2020 with a forklift. You read that right. A casual gathering at the home of Taizi, a Christchurch-brewed baijiu that has featured in World Baijiu Day since it’s inception in 2015, will use a forklift and palette as a baijiu session table.

Glenn Schuitman of Pop-up Beijing, where the first World Baijiu Day party took place, will join brothers Sam Lu and Ben Lu and friends at their centre of creation for baijiu and noodles–Formosa Foods & New Zealand Chinese Liquor.

If you’re in town, feel free to message Glenn on +64 21 239 6100, and join at 1 PM ofor an industrial toast to the glories of baijiu, along with some Chinese-Kiwi mash-up foods!


Yu Garden Restaurant

Wisdom Express, which is one of the official Moutai importers in Germany, is collaborating with Yu Garden Restaurant for cocktail fun. Guests can try Moutai Ginger, which merges the unique flavor of Moutai, the invigorating power of ginger and some bubble power for summer refreshment.



Look for new baijiu bar Sanyou, by the same team behind Hope & Sesame, to offer lots of fun for World Baijiu Day. More about this establishment here.



August 9 | The newest fixture on Kunming’s nightlife scene will feature five cocktails for World Baijiu Day. Owner Michael Ohlsson has been involved in WBD since the start in 2015, whether organizing events in Shanghai, sharing baijiu in Beijing or spotting new brands in, of all places, Iceland! Word is this place has some pretty good music, too. The drink list for Sunday includes Chinglish, which dates to Ohlsson’s time at bar Shen in Shanghai. Expect to also see the fruit-infused baijiu deliciousness known as paojiu for World Baijiu Day.


Boa Bao

August 8-9 | Both the Lisbon and Porto (see below) branches of Boa Bao will join this year’s World Baijiu Day party. For Lisbon, the focus will be Red Star erguotou, a well-known brand from Beijing. It will feature in a concoction called Huolong (€9) with umeshu (plum wine), pandan (a sweet grassy plant), pineapple and Fever Tree tonic water. Sounds refreshing!


Peking Tavern

August 8-9 | This downtown LA venue has been part of World Baijiu Day since 2015, when it held a cocktail contest featuring customers as bartenders. It’s back again for 2020, this time to pair “Liquid Jade” cocktails, with baijiu, fresh celery juice, lemon juice and simple syrup, with its new lamb wontons.



Nicolas Constantin was one of the first people to organize World Baijiu Day events in two nations–Argentina and Spain. Now he’ll be the first to do so in three different cities, following Buenos Aires and Marbella with an event at Ponderosa Rums & Cocktails in Malaga.

Buy a featured baijiu cocktail, get a complimentary “jiu-hai” — baijiu with one mixer, tonic, soda, raspberry soda, orange soda or lemon soda — or a small baijiu flight. The two featured cocktails are “Space Cowboy” with Ming River, spicy mango syrup, orange, grapefruit bitters and foamer. And “Sheng Long Island” with Hong Xing (Red Star), pisco, sake, soju, triple sec, falernum, and ginger ale.


Bar Dans Les Arbres

Marseille has been on the World Baijiu map since 2016. Last year, Carry Nation featured Silk Road-inspired cocktails. This year, sibling establishment Bar Dans Les Arbes aka Bar in the Trees will be hosting. Pictured above is a punch made for a previous World Baijiu Day.


Make-Make TikiKing (TBC)

Evgeniy Kuznetsov of Make-Make and Steve Wang of WE Brewery in Tianjin got together in 2018 for Belarus’ first World Baijiu Day. (Informal code name: Operation Ganbei-larus.) Then they did a repeat last year. We’re still waiting to hear what Kuznetsov has planned for 2020.


Animal 动物园 & Tap Planet 星球啤酒公司

August 9 | These two Nanjing establishments team up on World Baijiu Day to create a special cocktail called “Woohoo” that uses the brand Jiangxianghe将相和.


Danwei & Vinn

August 7-9 | Danwei Canting aka “The Work Unit Restaurant”, will feature baijiu flights as well as US$3 baijiu shots for three days. The featured spirit? Of course, it’s locally produced baijiu from Vinn Distillery, which has been part of World Baijiu Day since 2015.


Boa Bao

August 8-9 |Portugal is on the World Baijiu Day map for the first time as restaurant Boa Bao in Porto will feature an erguotou-based cocktail. “We worked on a recipe that fits our concept of Asian food and beverage,” says executive bar manager David Rodrigues. The result? Enter the Dragon! Which includes Baijiu Red Star erguotou, mango shrub, soda and pu’er tea. Check it out all weekend.



The first distillery in Iceland bottling spirits as ‘baijiu.’


Compass Bar & Compass Cafe

August 2-9 | Few offer as much sensory appeal as Compass Bar in terms of baijiu cocktails, from first sight to last sip. This Shenzhen venue returns with stunning drinks, including Bai Me A ‘Cillin’ (with Laphroaig and ginger), Baijiu Fizzles (ample fruit power) and standby the Baijiu Sour. 元89 each.

August 9-16 | Sibling establishment Compass Cafe then takes the baton for a week of cocktails, including the intriguing Materia Medica, with Chartreuse, Ardberg and Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, and concoctions that will ring a familiar bell, like the Bai-Groni and Bai-jito. 元89 each.


Dragon Chamber (TBC)

Look for bartender Isz Valentino to once again delight Singapore’s taste buds with his cocktails. Details to come.


Jiuxian & Stikki Nikki

Ludvig Sääf of Lu Spirits has no fewer than three projects on the go for this year’s World Baijiu Day. Sääf will once again partner with gelato chain Stikki Nikki to offer baijiu gelato aka baijiu-lato. He will also hold his annual Baijiu Banquet at R.Asia (see below). And several establishments around the country will offer baijiu cocktails.



The annual Baijiu Banquet at R.Asia Restaurant is always a raucous affair and this year will again offer guests the chance to try an array of baijius with Chinese foods. Word is there is about a bottle of baijiu per person planned!


Surfers Stockholm

Filip Jovanovic will give you a couple of boozy rides at Surfers Stockholm for World Baijiu Day. One is the Hujiao Caomei, Chinese for peppercorn strawberry. No shocker this one includes strawberry and black pepper–plus elderflower. The other is Boluo Qingzhu, which brings together lemongrass baijiu with coconut and pineapple foam. Catch the wave and try them both!


Österlånggatan 17

August 8-9 | Located in the historical part of Stockholm, Österlånggatan 17 will join this year’s party with a “bad ass apricot baijiu cocktail!” This drink, on offer only during World Baijiu Day weekend, includes Luzhou Laojiao baijiu plus apricot, lemon, sugar and soda. Created by Mikael Eriksson.



August 8-9 | You can get both Chinese snacks and drinks at this venue. Grab a bao while you sip on some cocktails made using Beijing’s Red Star baijiu and Sichuan’s Luzhou Laojiao!



“Grandma dances, and how she moves! Upscale Asian tapas bar Waipo, which means grandma in Chinese, moved those hips to the tunes of World Baijiu Day and will launch a baijiu cocktail.” This concoction, by George Cadenas Rudd, is an intriguing mix of violet, ginger, absinthe, fernet and cherry.


Miss Voon Uppsala

August 8-9 | ‘Like a dragons breath Luis Farina swept out of South American lockdown and made it back to Miss Voon Uppsala just in time to burst out a cocktail worth reincarnating for.” Check out Farina’s cocktail, “Born on the Baijiu”, which marries Red Star baijiu with apple, citrus and sancho pepper.


WE Brewery

Steve Wang of WE Brewery has ranked among the biggest World Baijiu Day supporters over the years, organizing events in both his hometown of Tianjin and, for the last two years, his adopted home of Minsk. This year Wang will be in Tianjin pairing a series of baijiu tinctures with his craft beers.


Logan’s Punch

Logan Brouse is planning a spin on the cocktail classic Aviation this year. It’s called the Bai Yo and, says Brouse, will have “a hint of lemongrass.”


Healer Bar

August 9 | UnTour Food Tours will team up with Shanghai’s Healer Bar for baijiu fun, including a master class and tailor-made cocktails. Participants will sip a flight of baijius while learning about the spirit, then bartender Phoebe Han will make a cocktail with their favorite one. Details here.


R&D Cocktail Lab

It wouldn’t be World Baijiu Day without R&D and some rad cocktails. And you know these guys will be pouring Kaoliang. The first of two creation this year is a citrus tribute: the Hopped Kaoliang Sour features Kinmen kaoliang, hopped lemon liqueur, lemon Juice and calamansi syrup. The second is a bit spicier: the Ginseng Kaoliang Mule includes Kinmen Kaoliang, lime, ginseng liqueur and ginger beer.


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Shelter 巢

August 8-9 |This bar, located on the top floor of a historical building in Wuhu, will have a cocktail called Moon of Shanghai上海之月 that uses Niulanshan 牛栏山 baijiu.

Even more special, it will feature a Myth Monkey Beer creation that doubles as a tribute to baijiu in three ways. it uses five grains for brewing. it is aged in a vessel traditionally used for baijiu. And it uses the baijiu fermentation again known as “da qu” or “big qu.” Check it out at Shelter.


Mei 魅

August 8-9 | Baijiu fans in Wuhu can saunter over to bar Mei for a “tiki” cocktail that uses spirits from local brand Jiangxianghe. Expect some extra lychee power in this one.


Spring Bank

August 9 | Set in a picturesque coastal town in Shandong province, this craft gin and tonic bar, which also stocks niche whiskies, vinyl records and hand-rolled cigarette supplies, will get into the baijiu spirit on Sunday. The team will pair light and strong aroma baijius, with options for bitters, Aperol and other ingredients. It looks like a fun and creative cocktail-making session!