Recipes | Los Angeles Magazine: Making Cocktails with the Most Unmixable Spirit

baijiu recipes los angeles magazine

Given the strong cocktail culture the United States, it would seem the future of baijiu there will likely be determined by its flexibility as an ingredient. This piece in Los Angeles Magazine sees “Caroline on Crack” considers the prospects even as she notes the challenges ahead: “Those familiar with Baijiu can’t even imagine it in a cocktail. The spirit is in your face and would seemingly not play nicely with most ingredients.”

C-Crack enlists the help of three bartenders with baijiu experience, Cari Hah at Peking Tavern Downtown and Tarita Noronha and Heriberto Lausell Jr. of Hakkasan Beverly Hills, “whose chain is looking to become a leader on the category throughout the States.”

“I would play around with spices, ginger, sherry, nutty liqueurs, herbal liqueurs, and amari. Fruits like fresh red berries tend to get lost,” says Noronha. “Pineapple is a great compliment, blackberries, grapefruit, passionfruit and more pronounced fruits can stand beside Baijiu.”

You can see all of the advice here.

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