Press | Wall Street Journal: Would You Drink 300 Baijiu Shots?

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“Can there ever be a good reason for drinking 300 shots of baijiu, China’s distilled liquor famed for burning the esophagus and causing calm people to burst into song?” asks The Wall Street Journal. The answer? “For American Derek Sandhaus, the answer is yes.”

Writer Debra Bruno catches Sandhaus, author of blog 300 Shots at Greatness, a month before his book “Baijiu: The Essential Guide to Chinese Spirits” was published by Penguin. A sample interview question:

“The book seems to be everything you ever wanted to know about baijiu. So your readers are not Chinese?”

“I don’t think the Chinese need my help in appreciating their culture. But outside of China, the level of understanding is low, even in people who are experts in spirits: bartenders, wine and spirit writers. This is the book I wish had existed when I first started researching baijiu. It allows you to walk into a Chinese liquor store and know what’s on the shelf. Normally, you walk into a store and see a wall filled with Chinese characters. You have no idea what you’re looking at.”

For more, including a drinking story that includes government officials, a costume, a drum dance and, of course, baijiu, click here.

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