Then shoot for the stars! | How much baijiu does it take to reach the Moon?

By Jim BoyceNASA reports the Moon as 384,000 kilometers or 239,000 miles from the Earth, a fair way, the kind of distance that would take over a year to drive even if a road existed between them and you had the pedal to the metal. But how far is that in terms of baijiu terms. Is there enough booze to reach our celestial neighbor?

Take the average baijiu cup, which is modest in size but capable of felling the biggest drinker if he or she drinks enough from it it ganbei (‘bottoms up’) style. What if you took all the baijiu made in China in one year, poured it into these cups, and stacked them? How many years of baijiu would it take to reach that Moon? So immense is baijiu production that it would take only one year’s worth. So, the next time you must ganbei, look up and thank the stars you don’t have to drink yourself to the Moon.

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