WBD Updates | Pop-up baijiu bar in Chengdu, a ‘Prince’ in Taipei, cocktails in Shanghai

chengdu food tours baijiu club photos from jordan porter (4)

By Jim Boyce | With World Baijiu Day just 36 hours away, here are three more updates on fun stuff to do. Click here for the full list of activities for WBD 2017.

chengdu food tours baijiu club photos from jordan porter (4)

CHENGDU: Pop in to Beer’s Nest 1 for a pop-up baijiu bar by Chengdu Food Tours. There will be range of baijius and infusions, made with everything from peaches and cherries to mint and peppercorns. From 10 PM. There will also be a guided tasting that evening at Yi Jia Cafe. See this interview with Jordan Porter of Chengdu Food Tours for more details.

Yi Jia Cafe, 7 Jinxiu Street

The Beer Nest 1, 34-698 Jinxiu Road (opposite Poly Center Ping’an Bank, below Zongbei International), 137-3087-1837, 2 PM-late

TAIPEI: Original WBD partner R&D will feature a pair of enticing drinks this year, says Spencer HuangThe “Prince Kaohliang” (above) is a refreshing concoction made with kaoliang baijiu, aloe vera, cucumber, gin, and lemon. Meanwhile, the “Tainada” is a play on a traditional lemoncello recipe.

“We use our in-house lemon liqueur, lemon juice, gin, and kaoliang to bring about a well balanced, slightly tart sour for these hot summer days,” says Huang.

R&D, 36 Jiaxing Street

SHANGHAI: Billed as a place to “get good and drunk the old fashioned way,” Logan’s Punch will feature a concoction called Xiao Long Go. The recipe calls for byejoe, passion fruit, lemon and sugar.

Logan’s Punch, Unit 202, 2F, 99 Taixing Road, near Wujiang Road

Michael Ohlsson has backed World Baijiu Days past with cocktails in Beijing and Shanghai. This year, both veteran venue Dada and new venture Ruin in Shanghai will feature several versions of the cocktail Chinglish, which includes lemon, lychee and melon.

Dada, 115 Xingfu Lu, near Fahuazhen Lu

Ruin, 115 Xingfu Lu, near Fahuazhen Lu


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