Liquid gold | Jimmy Dymott goes metal with his baijiu cocktails

By Jim Boyce | I no sooner posted the “confession” of Ludvig Sääf from Jiu Xian (酒仙), a Chinese drinking culture society in Scandinavia, than I need to follow-up. Because it’s not every day someone makes a baijiu cocktail made with gold. (I bet the tasting notes include the word “rich” for that one.)

“The most exclusive cocktail ever?!” asks Sääf about this swank drink by bartender Jimmy Dymott at TongSthlm in Stockholm. (He also adds that Dymott has “greeted Sweden with its first set of baijiu cocktails.”)

Dymott’s initial offering is called the San Francisco. It featured Moutai mixed with orange, grenadine and banana flavors.

The next one goes full metal The Golden Gate includes Wellbay baijiu from Shui Jing Fang and a syrup made with gold. (You might want to go light on these if you have a flight the next day, lest you set off the metal detectors.)

Anyway, if this is the first set of baijiu cocktails by Dymott, you gotta wonder what he’s going to do for an encore.

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