It’s Muller time | French chef with China skills brings baijiu home

By Jim Boyce | Along with Operation Ganbeilarus and Project Baijiulato, the participation of Frédéric Muller from the village of Huniwihr in Alsace deserves consideration as most unexpected event of World Baijiu Day 4.

Why would a guy in a place with only 611 residents do that? Well, for one thing, he has a bottle of baijiu he brought back from China.

For another, he has a decade of chef experience in Beijing and Chongqing, and so he decided to get into the spirit of the day.

Sounds good! So what dish did Muller decide to do?

Baijiu-glazed cod fillet with baijiu-perfumed risotto and tomato cream sauce (€21.90).

“The fish is first pan-fried and glazed with baijiu, then baked in the oven,” says Muller. “The risotto and the creamy tomato sauce both have a little baijiu perfume.”

I’m guessing that’s the most baijiu Hunawihr has ever seen on one plate! So, if you happen to be in the area today, stop by and say hi to Fred and check out this dish.

O’berge du Parc, 1 Route de Ribeauville, 68150 Hunawihr, France

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