Bilateral boozing | Beijing distiller hopes ‘Trump Baijiu’ will strengthen US- China ties

A Beijing distiller will launch Trump Baijiu next month to cash in on the U.S. president’s popularity (and notoriety) in China and the United States, and inspire better ties between the two trade foes, states alcohol industry publication Chinese Spirits Weekly.

Si Yuefu distillery, with facilities just outside Beijing in Hebei province, is combining U.S. sorghum with Chinese spirit-making know-how to create its baijiu. An artist’s rendering of the proposed bottle shows it is similar to that used for Trump Vodka, which ceased production in 2011, though it is topped with a plastic yellow cap that evokes Donald Trump’s distinct hairstyle (see below). The baijiu fits the category of nong xiang, or “strong aroma”, one of the three biggliest in China

A Si Yuefu press release explained how baijiu helped normalize diplomatic relations between the U.S. and China in the early 1970s, with Henry Kissinger famously saying, “I think if we drink enough Moutai [baijiu] we can solve anything.” Si Yuefu says baijiu could also help ease current trade tension between the nations and offered to provide a “pop up” bar to delegates at the next round of talks.

The company said it hopes to expand its portfolio by creating a baijiu for each of Trump’s children, Ivanka, Donald Junior, Eric, Tiffany and Baron, with the latter a nonalcoholic version. It is already developing a moutai-style baijiu, in honor of First Lady Melania Trump, called Mou-Lania.

Si Yuefu has yet to get the Trump family committed to the project but claims it has a well-connected acquaintance in Florida working on its behalf. It also instructs employees to tweet Donald  Trump whenever they travel outside China. (Twitter is blocked here.) Spirits Weekly says that despite these efforts, there are so far no signs of collusion between the company and the Trumps.

In its press statement, Si Yuefu also explained the name of its brand. Si and Yue refer to the words “four” and “month”, or “April”. And “Fu” sounds close to “fool”. And as is now obvious, this is just an APRIL FOOL’S JOKE.

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