Marseilles | Silk Road specials at Carry Nation

world baijiu day france bar dans les arbes

Patrons at speakeasy Carry Nation can take their taste buds on a long trip for this year’s World Baijiu Day.

“This year, we will have a special drink list called the Silk Road,” explains Guillaume Ferroni. “It‘s a series of five mini cocktails. Each cocktail is for a country or place that is related to the Silk Road: China, Arabia, Istanbul / Turkey, Venice / Italy and Marseille / France.”

Ferroni says each drink includes both baijiu plus an ingredient associated with a particular Silk Road stop. For example, the cocktail for Marseilles is called Les Échevins.

“Les Échevins were the merchants who ruled the city and were importing fabrics from the Orient,” he explains.

This cocktail is intriguing to say the least. It has Ratafia de Marseilles, a liqueur that includes spices and red fruits like strawberry and raspberry. The China connection comes via strong aroma baijiu Moutai. Add Elixir Suédois, which Ferroni explains as “old-style French Fernet”, along with tonic, cucumber and lemon zest, and you have a one-of-a-kind cocktail.

The Silk Road cocktails will be available at Carry Nation from August 7 through August 11. See the bar’s official website here.

world baijiu day france bar dans les arbes

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