Bai-lines |Kaoliang slushie at Win Son, baijiu at White Bar, cocktails at China Tang

China Tang in the MGM Grand has “a mix of elements designed to evoke the feel of a 1930s Shanghai supper club,” posts Las Vegas Magazine. “It starts with the art deco-style décor and the art on the wall, and continues to a singer regaling you each hour and a noodle-pulling show five nights a week.”

The menu also includes a cocktail with baijiu. Along with that spirit, the Tiki Five Spice has rum, lime juice, pineapple juice, orgeat syrup, bitters, and five-spice.

“[It] is then lit on fire with the help of an overproof rum!” Hot stuff.

Over on the East Coast, Taiwanese restaurant Win Son in Brooklyn will open a bakery next month. Patrons can expect egg tarts, dan bing and more, reports Carla Vianna in Eater.

The drink menu is also Taiwan-focused, including a cool baijiu option, “a slushie with Kaoliang, baijiu, lime juice, Sichuan peppercorns, and black cherry liqueur.”

And in Seoul, White Bar is the only venue in the city to specialize solely in clear spirits, posts Gavin Yeung in South China Morning Post. Along with the likes of soju, Pisco, ouzo and gin, that includes baijiu.

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