San Marino 2021 | Moutai Piadina at Ristorante Il Piccolo

This might be the most unexpected World Baijiu Day site this year: San Marino — a country encircled by Italy and with fewer than 35,000 citizens — is getting into the spirit!

To be more exact, into the Moutai. China’s most famous spirit was used to cook the ham for San Marino’s most famous flatbread / sandwich, piadina. And that liquid can also be used for food pairing.

This special dish was arranged by Lorenzo Riccardi, the China representative for San Marino. And is available in San Marino at Ristorante il Piccolo. In fact, the restaurant has a pretty tasty looking menu–you can check it out here.

As for Riccardi, he own RsA asiawe just covered their insightful report on China’s baijiu market–and is also involved with the trade fair Wine to Asia, which is teaming up with Shenzhen venues Bar Choice and Weeknd for World Baijiu Day fun this year.

San Marino just became the smallest country to win an Olympic medal, picking up two so far at the Tokyo Games.

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