Shenzhen 2021 | Five baijiu cocktails by Compass

Compass by Curator has a knack for compelling cocktails, including those containing baijiu. And this year Compass will feature five such concoctions from August 6 to August 13. If history is an indicator, the drinks will be as eye-catching as they are mouthwatering. Check out these examples from years past:

The five cocktails all feature HKB — Hong Kong Baijiu — and include the Baijiu Sour with plenty of jasmine influence and the Bai-Jito, which gets zip from flavors such as elderflower, passion fruit and peppermint.

Bye Joe Coke includes Glendalough Sloe Gin, homemade coke syrup and soda water, while the Bai-Groni is a local riff on a classic cocktail.

The name of the last drink, Look Into My Smokey Bais, suggests something quite different is in store. And such is the case given yellow Chartreuse, Luxardo cherry liqueur and single malt are all in the mix.

As noted, these cocktails will be featured for a full week — and priced at RMB89 each — thus giving those in Shenzhen plenty of time to pop by for a baijiu drink or two. Check out the options below.

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