Christchurch 2021 | Pop-Up & Taizi baijiu session at GinGin

Ain’t no party like a Glenn Schuitman baijiu party. He who hosted our first major World Baijiu Day bash in 2015, at the former Pop-Up Beijing, then kept the momentum going, notably with an epic tasting at Herbal Bar. And has kept that spirit flowing since returning to his home nation of New Zealand.

Last year, that meant a fun tasting in Christchurch with the brothers Lu of local baijiu producer Taizi. And this year, that means taking things up a notch by meeting up with some top bartenders at cocktail bar GinGin this Sunday, August 8, for a cocktail session featuring none other than Taizi. Looking forward to the results!

Taizi will also be part of a tasting / banquet on Monday. See details of that event here. And see below for a few photos of Glenn Schuitman in action!

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