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One of the biggest issues for those who are aficionados of or curious about baijiu is finding it outside China. The “Buy Jiu” series aims to help. Any feedback on these posts is welcome.

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It sounds like residents of Chicago who have a hankering for baijiu, or are simply curious about this spirit, will be well-served at China Place Liquor City.

This store was cited by Chicago Mag in this “Where to East, Shop and Play‘ in Chinatown post (“carries more than 50 blends of baijiu”) and by in this post (as a good place to get a bottle before visiting the area’s BYOB restaurants). It also has four out of five stars on Yelp, with the most recent review, last month, stating “It was sooo sleek, clean and modern!”

An earlier Yelp entry also heaped praise on the spot: “This is the classiest, cleanest, best stocked Chinese liquor store in the city…. If you’re already going to eat in Chinatown, stop by here if you’re going to a BYOB place… This is also a good place to come if you’re looking for a nice present for people who like Chinese liquor, people from China, or drinkers who like to try something different.”

That doesn’t mean you will necessarily enjoy your purchase — check out this reaction to baijiu — only that you can pick the stuff up here.

Any readers been here? If so, your feedback is welcome, either in the comments section or via spirit (at)

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