Events | Longevity and Prosperity with Buddakan and byejoe in New York

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Live long and prosper in New York on August 8 with a little help from the infusions of byejoe.

“Last time I was at Buddakan, I learned that the rapper Drake likes the ‘Dragon Fire‘ cocktail that EV, Buddakan’s mixologist, created and called “Longevity“, says Matt Trusch of byejoe. (See a video of EV making ‘Longevity’ at this link.)

“That was at the top of the cocktail menu before being replaced by a ‘Tiger Eyes‘ cocktail called ‘Prosperity‘.”

Dragon Fire is infused with dragon fruit, lychee and hot chilies while Tiger Eyes has passion fruit, peach and pomegranate.

Pick whether you prefer longevity or prosperity. Or simply go for both.

Buddakan, 75 9th Avenue, New York. 212-989-6612. Dress code: “downtown chic, fun, hip”. Hours on August 8: 5 PM to 11 PM.

Founded in 2015, World Baijiu Day is held each August 9, with events in over 60 cities so far. Follow WBD on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And get in touch via spirit (at)

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