Ganb’eh | Dragon Mist Distillery is making two baijius in Canada

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Baijiu producers beyond China are pretty rare, with Vinn in Portland and Taizi in Christchurch among the best examples. A relatively new Canadian brand called Dragon Mist Distillery in British Columbia seems a good candidate to join them. From the company’s website:

Dragon Mist Baijiu is made using a traditional Chinese technique with wheat grown in Dawson Creek, BC and pure, clear Canadian glacial water – that’s all – no other additives or neutral grain spirits from other sources. It is available in 40% (silver) and 56% (gold) alcohol by volume.

Alexandra Gill, Vancouver restaurant critic for newspaper The Globe & Mail, recently wrote about baijiu for magazine The Alchemist. She described the flavor of Dragon Mist ‘Gold’ as “intense with heat, anise, lingering sweetness” and a long finish, and suggesting thinking of it as “a Chinese version of the ever-popular White Dog.” She also interviewed Dragon Mist’s Sherry Jiang, who distills the baijiu four times and ages it three years. The full story starts on page 42, with the tasting notes on page 67, at this link.

The website lists more than 50 retail outlets in British Columbia that stock these light aroma-style baijius as well as farmers markets where one can also pick up a bottle or two. It’ll also be available at the inaugural The Grape & The Grain festival slated for May 28 and May 29 in Surrey, British Columbia.

There isn’t much online about Dragon Mist and its spirits thus far so I’ve contacted the company to get more info. I’ll have an update soon.

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