Hello byejoe | U.S-based baijiu brand now available in China

Brinkman Beverages, which represents brands such as Martin Miller’s gin, Ron Abuelo rum and Green Fairy absinthe, has added baijiu label ByeJoe to its China portfolio The company is carrying all three ByeJoe products, including its flagship spirit and infusions Dragon Fire, with dragon fruit and hot chili, and Tiger Eyes, with passion fruit, peach and pomegranate.

Alan Chen of Brinkman’s says ByeJoe is already in severeal Shanghai bars, including Logan’s Punch, Commune Social and Taste Buds Cocktail Palace, and will soon be in Beijing. It’s also available at Brinkman’s Taobao store here for rmb320 per bottle.

ByeJoe was started by Matt Trusch, who first visited in China in 1986 as a high school student, returned to study in 1992, and then spent 15 years living and working in Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong before heading home to Houston in 2007 and deciding to introduce a baijiu brand to the U.S. market. ByeJoe uses a base spirit from China that is filtered and refined in South Carolina. The brand participated in the inaugural World Baijiu Day last year. For more on Trusch and ByeJoe, see this two-part interview here and here.

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