Deng G Bistro and Baijiu Bar to open in Hong Kong

By Jim Boyce | Elite Concepts, the team behind projects such as the 1949: The Hidden City complexes in Beijing, Eyebar in Hong Kong and Ye in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei, is about to open a new project with a baijiu angle.

Deng G Bistro and Baijiu Bar will open in Wanchai in Hong Kong and feature the food of chef Deng Huadong, states the company’s website:

DENG G will serve Chef Deng’s signature style of cuisine and cooking style in an exquisite menu of Sichuan dishes using the freshest ingredients. The venue comprises a bar on the second floor and a restaurant on the third floor, combining to accommodate 100 guests.

According to the A Foodie World, the venue will open this month, and it sounds like it’ll have of the city’s best baijiu cocktails:

Helmed by mixologist Héktor Monroy, winner of the International Bartenders Association’s Best Latin American Mixologist of Europe and Best Shaker in Spain in 2010, the drinks list is heavy on baijiu and baijiu cocktails.

You can read more on A Foodie World here.


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