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By Jim Boyce | While my friends back home in Canada tend to be curious about baijiu, I can’t say the same is true of those I have in Beijing. Too many devastating “ganbei” sessions have turned many of them off this spirit. Thus, I am always on the lookout for brands that might make them find baijiu a little less devastating. Something to shake those memories of endless Niuliangshan, Wuliangye or Moutai shots. Enter Yi Dan Liang.

Yi Dan Liang is an ergoutou much different from the typical under-rmb20 stuff. And, yes, I know purists will dispute it’s pretty much impossible to get anything decent at that price.

Anyway, while it has some of that telltale baijiu aroma, it is also heavily fruity, with a very strong plum character. It is also smoother than most of its competitors and, at 40 percent alcohol, less potent. And it won’t break the budget at rmb18 per bottle. Plus, those bottles look pretty cool.

Q Bar recently used this baijiu to make a frozen passionfruit margarita and a Chinese-inspired Aperol spritz, and both went down pretty well. More experiments to follow.

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