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Asia Nikkei published this article by Nona Tepper about Matt Trusch and his brand byejoe, with the spirit produced in China, imported and refined in the U.S. and now sold in both countries. From the article:

In the U.S., ByeJoe primarily appeals to millennial women, especially in Miami and California. ByeJoe is also distributed in the U.K., Canada and Hong Kong.

Overall, ByeJoe generates about 70% of its sales directly from bars and restaurants.

Full story here.

Meanwhile, ABC in Australia is only a few years too late in reporting on baijiu bar Capital Spirits in Beijing. Reporter Matthew Carney calls baijiu a “cross between lawn mower fuel and methalated spirits” before doing a flight of five styles at the bar.

Anyway, full audio here.


And Wu Yiyao of China Daily reports on efforts by baijiu brand Shuijingfang to go upscale:

Shuijingfang, a Chinese baijiu maker, aims to move upmarket to expand the brand with new investment and increased marketing.

John Fan, general manger of the Shanghai-listed company, told a shareholders’ meeting on Tuesday that the premium baijiu, or rice liquor, sector in China was experiencing rapid expansion.

“We are targeting the brand at the very top of the market in line with the growth there,” Fan said. “We recently launched a product which is priced above 700 yuan ($103) per liter to tap into the premium market.

If it works, we may launch products costing 1,000 yuan per liter,” he added.

Full story here.

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