WBD Buenos Aires | Baijiu tasters and cocktails at 430 / 四三〇 Ramen & Drinks

By Jim Boyce | Excited to have 430 / 四三〇 Ramen & Drinks as the first South American venue to join World Baijiu Day! Head bartender Nicolas Constantin says this Asian fusion restaurant in downtown Buenos Aires will features a baijiu tasting and a deal on cocktails.

“We do our fair share of Asian fusion cocktails, including with baijiu, shochu, awamori and Korean soju as well as Asian traditional liquors,” says Constantin. “We are trying to increase our baijiu portfolio as much as possible.”

The tasting will include Luzhou Laojiao, ByeJoe and Hong Xing baijius as well as some “small qu” and rose-infused baijius from southern China.

In terms of cocktails, Constantin says the featured drink will be the Sheng Long Island, with baijiu, pisco, soju, sake, triple sec, raspberry syrup and lemon juice.

430 / 四三〇 is at 430 San Martin Street (map). See here for other WBD events.

And here are a few images, including of some delicious-looking dumplings and bao, from the 430 timeline:

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