Jiahu Wine Group | Spirit-ual history in Henan province

Jiahu in Henan

By Jim Boyce | I headed to Henan province in April for the first China Jiahu Culture Festival (中国贾湖文化节) and International Symposium on Jiahu Liquor Culture (贾湖文化国际研讨会).

Jiahu in Wuyang Country has a long boozy history, with evidence as old as 9,000 years pointing to alcohol production, although that tipple was nearer mead than baiiju. And in terms of culture, I quickly learned a local custom: visitors drink three baijiu shots alone, then a fourth with the group. That’s the prize of being a “special guest.”

It was an intriguing trip and I’ll write more soon. For now, I’ve posted nine photos from a tour of the Jiahu Distillery Group (贾湖酒业集团) production facilities.

Note: The events were sponsored by China Alcoholic Drinks Association and People’s Government of Wuyang County and organized by Henan Alcoholic Drinks Association and Jiahu Distillery Group. Thanks to Mr Yao of Beijing International Wine & Spirit Exchange for his help.

And here are the photos. And as much as people make fun of my supposedly outdated HTC t329, I think it did a pretty good job!

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