Yimuquan | A harbor for ‘jiu hai’ (wine sea) baijiu vessels

yimuquan baoding baijiu jiu hai wine sea photos (9)
Yimuquan in Henan

By Jim Boyce | How about a baijiu recipe that uses willow branches, cotton paper, egg whites and pig blood? In fact, those are only the materials used for the vessels—known as jiu hai or “wine sea”—and used by baijiu maker Yimuquan (一亩泉) in Baoding.

Those curious containers, first made in Baoding in 1948, were the result of a wartime shortage of typical materials. Even 75-plus years later, some of them are still in use.

My visit to Baoding two years ago deserves a flashback post, especially as Yimuquan ranks among the top supporters of World Baijiu Day. Here are nine photos of the jiu hai storage area and Yimuquan’s tasting facility. See here for more on these vessels.

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