WBD London | Two dozen China-inspired cocktails at Tea Room

Given Tea Room has a decor inspired by the Wong Kar Wai movie “In the Mood for Love”, and the vibe of 1960’s Hong Kong, it’s no surprise that baijiu has role to play. The two dozen-plus Tea Room cocktails created by bartender Franky Rodrigues are tightly focused on Chinese ingredients—from spices and herbs to fruits to alcohols.

“Each cocktail on the list has been designed as a combination of a Chinese spirit with two other key Chinese ingredients or ingredients important to the history and culture of China,” states Tea Room. Items such as bitters and liqueurs are created on site with baijiu as a base.

Tea Room Baijiu Cocktails London

Check out this description from Imbibe:

“From the full-on green freshness of Coriander and Cucumber, with its young Fen jiu backbone and sour kick from haw (a crab apple-like fruit which grows in abundance in south China) instead of citrus; to the rich complexity of Peanut and Goji, made with peanut-infused Moutai baijiu and home-made cherry liqueur, every little detail is given the full Chinese treatment – right down to the smoked candy ‘cigarette’ you’re offered from a handmade leather case on the arrival of the smoky Cigarette and Palm cocktail.”

And for those who like to nibble while they sip, there are plenty of options at Tea Room and sibling venue Bun House.

Tea Room also offers baijiu bottle service.

(Hat tip to Louis Fernando for the connection.)

Tea Room, 23-24 Greek Street, Soho W1; 0208 0179 888; 5 PM-12:30 AM, Sun-Wed; 5 PM-very late, Thu-Sat pm until.

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