WBD Marseilles | Double fun with Carry Nation and Bar Dans Les Arbres

world baijiu day france bar dans les arbes

France is getting into the World Baijiu Day spirit, with not one but two venues on board, thanks to Guillaume Ferroni.

world baijiu day france bar dans les arbes

First, Carry Nation in Marseille is back for a second year, this time with a theme of “Moutai goes Tiki”. Each of Carry Nation’s three bartenders will design a tiki cocktail that includes Moutai as an ingredient. The drinks will be available August 9 to August 11.

On top of that, on August 13, Ferroni will hold a Moutai master class that covers this baijiu’s history and production method as well as a tasting.

Second, Bar Dans Les Arbres, a “tree bar” near Marseille, will serve a Moutai and Gin Summer Punch to guests as a welcome drink. That will also run from August 9 to August 11.

Check the websites of these places for more details on their special speakeasy vibe. And see here for more WBD 2017 events.

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