Shenzhen | A week of baijiu cocktails in Compass Bar

Jim Boyce | The Compass Bar in Shenzhen is setting a course for baijiu this coming week. TCB will feature five baijiu cocktails from August 3 through World Baijiu Day on August 9. The bar is open 6 PM until late, with dining—”New American” cuisine with local touches—from 6 PM to 9 PM.

“We make our own ice, bitters, syrups and infusions and we don’t use any juice or extract that we don’t make ourselves,” states the bar. “We are a speakeasy style establishment that brings a little piece of New York direct to you.”

Check out these baijiu cocktail recipes.

Baijiu Sour | 白酒酸

A wonderful blend of Chinese heritage with a modern twist on the American classic, a secret superstar at The Compass. Made with jasmine-infused HKB baijiu, homemade jasmine syrup, pressed lemon and apple juice. (¥95)

中式传统与美式经典的现代完美结合, TCB的秘密明星酒款。以茉莉花茶包长时间浸泡入味的香港白酒、自制茉莉花茶糖浆、手工压榨柠檬汁及苹果汁调和而成,东酒西制,回味无穷。(¥95)

Gogo Berry | 果果贝瑞

A fruity twist on the The Compass Bar classic BaiGroni. Berries hits the nose first, with citrus, bitterness and a slightly sweet finish following. Made with super fruit tea-infused HKB baijiu, Cocchi Torino, Campari, Sipsmith Sloe Gin and a hearty dash of Bob’s Orange & Mandarin Bitters. (¥95)


Baijiu Bang | 白酒铿锵

A new addition to The Compass Bar, an incredible cocktail with plenty of local flavour, utilising HKB baijiu, grapefruit juice, homemade cinnamon syrup, lemon juice and egg white. (¥95)

一款以香港白酒、西柚汁、肉桂糖浆、鲜榨柠檬汁及蛋清调配,让人难以置信的中国风鸡尾酒。 (¥95)

Fire Cracker | 碰撞烟花

Is is possible to mix smoky whisky and baijiu? Definitely yes. Let us introduce this great fusion of HKB and Laphroaig: fruity, smoky and spicy, a must try for any drinker. Made with super fruit tea-infused HKB Baijiu, Laphroaig 10-year-old, homemade cinnamon syrup, lemon juice, orange juice and Angostura bitters. (¥105)

烟熏威士忌与白酒有可能交融在一起吗?绝对可以,请让我为您介绍这款由香港白酒与拉弗格的杰出碰撞产物:果香、烟熏与香料味交相辉映,任何饮家都不可错过的一款酒。由果茶浸泡的香港白酒、拉弗格10年、自制肉桂糖浆、鲜榨柠檬汁和橙汁还有安哥斯图拉芳香苦精制成。 (¥105)

BaiJito | 白酒莫吉托

Served in a julep cup to chill you in this summer heat! An Asian twist on the classic cocktail. Made with HKB baijiu, pressed lime, fresh muddled mint and a healthy dash of Bob’s Peppermint Bitters to round off this delightful drink. (¥105)

冰镇茱莉杯,白酒莫吉托,夏日酷凉,消暑必饮!在经典鸡尾酒的基础上加入亚式变化的全新呈现。以香港白酒、手工压榨青柠汁、鲜捣薄荷叶精心调制,再以适量鲍勃薄荷苦酒完美收尾。 (¥105)

The Compass Bar. 中国深圳市福田区福华五路皇岗商务中心四十层4002室, 755-8270-7559

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