Eating baijiu | Ice cream at Grand Hyatt Beijing

By Jim Boyce | I went to a Chinese wine dinner last month and ended up eating baijiu. Silver Heights from Ningxia ranks among the nation’s best wineries, and after tasting some those tasty reds and whites at Made in China restaurant at the Grand Hyatt in Beijing, we reached dessert–and baijiu ice cream. Wuliangye ice cream, to be exact. It ably captured the flavor of that spirit while taming it with cold.

I’m not surprised as we saw something similar with Yimuquan baijiu at this ice cream-making session with Gerald Taurin in Beijing a few years ago. And that’s not even the only ice cream associated with World Baijiu Day. Tipsy Dessert Bar in Houston made a pair of byejoe ice creams for WBD in 2015. And related to this, Jiuxian, a Scandinavian society that’s focused on Chinese drinking culture, partnered with gelato maker Stikki Nikki in Stockholm last year to make a trio of “baijulatos“, with Moutai, Shui Jing Fang and Red Star.

Anyway, I have not tried to make Wuliangye on my own, but did find this recipe for it online, for the more ambitious out there.

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