Beijing | Jing-A’s baijiu-inspired beer ‘Qu Brew III’

August 9 will again feature Beijing craft beer—with a baijiu twist! Jing-A is making its third in a series of World Baijiu Day brews with ‘qu’, a key item for making baiju: it’s a funky brick of grain like this one used to kick-start fermentation.

Qu is also tough AF. Co-owner Alex Acker of Jing-A once tried to break off a piece by pounding it with a chair a dozen times, but ultimately had to resort to a hammer.

Anyway, the last “Qu Brew was a deliciously sour effort that leveraged Belgian yeast along with qu. The first Qu Brew, in 2015, was a bit heavier but went well with the “drunken shrimp” pizza by Gung Ho during our first big party, at the former Pop-Up Beijing.

Jing-A’s Richard Ammerman says this version will again use both qu and brewing yeast. Just as exciting, the new Jing-A venue looks like it will be open just as this brew is ready to go. More info soon.

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