Lima + Beijing | Chifa Titi, El Infusionista and Pachapapi partner for cocktail fun

Here’s another first: three World Baijiu Day partners, on opposite sides of the planet, will serve up the same cocktail on August 9.

The drink, El Brujo, is popular at Peruvian restaurant Pachapapi in Beijing. It’s a refreshing effervescent mix of homemade fruit “shrubs”, blood orange soda and erguotou, the baijiu style most associated with Beijing.

Co-owner Francisco Chia says he gives El Brujo to customers who say they want to try something new—and gets plenty of positive feedback.

“When people say ‘surprise me’, I bring them El Brujo”, he says. “They usually guess it includes vodka, or Pisco, because we are a Peruvian place. It’s one of my best-sellers now.”

The link to Lima is via Jorge Chung, Chia’s former classmate and owner of some of the most popular bars in Lima, including El Infusionista. That venue’s executive bartender Alexander Holender visited Beijing last year to work on Pachapapi’s drink mix and created both the El Brujo and another baijiu-inspired drink called the Alpa-Chino.

The Alpa-Chino also uses baijiu but pairs it with the most famous alcohol in Peru–grape-based spirit Pisco. Add pineapple juice, Thai lemongrass and fresh lime juice for a rich delicious drink.

And El Infusionista won’t be the only Peruvian venue involved on August 9. Chifa Titi, considered to have some of the best, if not the best, Chinese food in Lima, under the direction of chef William Chan Lau, will also be serving El Brujo.

Chia notes that the links between China and Peru go far beyond a few cocktails. He says that the first Chinese immigrants arrived in 1849 and that “1 of every 10 Peruvians has Chinese ancestors!”

Get your El Brujo on August 9 at El Infusionista, Chifa Titi and Pachapapi, where Chia says it will be priced just rmb48 (the regular price is rmb78).

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