Minneapolis | Five places to get Ganbei cocktails

The guys at Minnesota-based Ganbei Baijiu are planning to hoist a few glasses for World Baijiu Day this year. To that end, COO Alec Fotsch has done the noble work of listing five places in Minneapolis-Saint Paul that people can get some tasty drinks made with their baijiu. Let’s get to it!

Hai Hai

The focus here is southeast Asian street food by Christina Nguyen. Pair it with Island Standard Time: Ganbei baijiu, rum, passion fruit, Luxardo Marshino and lime.

Hodges Bend

Coffee. Wine. Cocktails. That’s the headline beverage trio at Hodges Bend. The No Precedent features baijiu, Sherry, tequila, pomegranate, lime and bitters.

Lat 14 Asian Eatery

This venue by Ann Ahmed focuses on foods found along the 14th parallel: think Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and The Philippines. The Last Word cocktail includes baijiu, the traditional herbal liqueur known as génépy, Maraschino and lime.

Lawless Distillery

The Great Minnesota Get Together is like a reunion of an eclectic booze family. Baijiu, Greenway Gin and Uncle Jeff’s Apple Liqueur show up first, followed by burnt sugar, whole egg and Bittercube Blackstrap’s bitters and orange bitters.

Rainbow Chinese

Pair cocktails or baijiu straight up with Chinese dishes by Tammy Wong, who has nearly 30 years of experience.

That should be enough for a night out! I’ll have more soon about Ganbei Baijiu’s recent baijiu cocktail contest. Check out their site here.

Founded in 2015, World Baijiu Day is held each August 9, with events in over 60 cities so far. Follow WBD on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And get in touch via spirit (at) worldbaijiuday.com.

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