Singapore | Speakeasy drinks at The Dragon Chamber

Note: This event is on August 10.

Veteran baijiu cocktail creator and contest judge Isz Valentino awaits you at The Dragon Chamber tonight with an excellent concoction for World Baijiu Day. But first you have to find him.

In speakeasy style, The Dragon Chamber requires a bit of inside info. Namely, that the entrance is via a fridge door in a kopitiam, or coffee shop and leads to a space “reminiscent of Chinatown gambling dens and secret society hangouts.”

There you will find Valentino, maker of The White Spirit of Manchu. The recipe includes one of the most famous baijius as the base: Wuliangye. A wealth of flavors are then added, from yuzu and pineapple to Blue Cointreau, before the finishing touches of two orange bitters. It comes in a Fu Manchu-themed glass.

Want to know another secret? If you show the World Baijiu Day logo tonight, you’ll get a free shot. And, says Valentino, there will also be some samplers of Wuliangye and Guojiao 1573 given out during the night.

More details about Dragon Chamber here.

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