This Moutai is lit! Baijiu done Blue Blazer-style at Bar Choice

Hot times–literally–at Bar Choice in Shenzhen this week for a warmup event with Chinese baijiu and Chinese natural wine. Trade members got together to test out a concept that pairs cocktail joint Bar Choice, natural wine bar Weeknd and trade fair organizers Wine to Asia for lots of boozy fun.

Check out this video by Wine to Asia’s Simone Incontro of a fiery Moutai cocktail in the making by Zhazha, part of the bartending team at Bar Choice. And see below for details about a public version of this event set for Monday, August 16.

Bar Choice will host a Chinese baijiu and Chinese natural wine event on August 16, with guest sommeliers Gao Ye and Mustang from Weeknd attending and presenting a half-dozen wines by Ian Dai of Petit Garden in the Ningxia region of China. The focus is local flavors, and those wanting to know more about alcohol produced in China should find this event intriguing.

This project is supported by Shenzhen-based Wine to Asia. And while that trade fair sounds like it would be all about wine, the organizers are proving adept at crossing boundaries, including with cocktails, coffee and — baijiu!

Check out the posters below for more details on this event now slated for August 16.

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