Venues | Jing-A Has a Very Cool ‘Qu Brew’ Poster

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While we aim to have our World Baijiu Day poster ready by Saturday, which marks the two-week countdown, Beijing craft beer operation Jing-A is already promoting its ‘qu brew‘.

If the poster above looks a bit crooked, and blurry, that’s because I took a photo of it last night after guzzling Jing-A’s Koji Red Ale with the Wednesday chili special–or maybe it was the other way around?

Anyway, I wrote about the ‘qu brew’ flavor profiling process here and here–and also about a deep-fried baijiu session at Jing-A here–and look forward to trying the final product.

How will it taste? An attempt last year produced something like a Belgian farmhouse ale. This year, the team looks to streamline the process while delivering a beverage with a kick of 12 percent alcohol. Grab a pint on World Baijiu Day and judge for yourself.

(See the master event list here and the world map of venues here.)

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