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By Jim Boyce
| There’s been some buzz about a recent that’s Beijing post on baijiu-flavored drinks at Pacific Coffee although, according to this story (page 45) in the May 2015 issue of The Beijinger, those drinks have been around for a few years.

Of the three drinks, the one with a true coffee punch is mixed with huangjiu. The other two concoctions are blended ice drinks that include erguotou, the light-aroma baijiu many people have tried in the form of Red Star or Niulanshan.

Zesty Chillino“, says The Beijinger, “falls into the category of an acquired taste” and “ultimately tastes like lemon flavored cleaning spray.” The “Pink Grapefruit Chillino” fares better and is called “the most potable of the unholy trinity.”

Interesting but not exactly a case of baijiu meets coffee, although such partnerships exist.

The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu near the Great Wall has made coffee-baijiu liqueurs for years. (It’s an option for guests who want a little more jolt in their morning java.) They also have a caramel coffee concoction available this year.

Peking Tavern in Los Angeles also uses the caffeine bean. Their Peking Coffee cocktail also includes baijiu and horchata liqueur, and is garnished with a cinnamon stick.

Fu at Epircured in Liverpool lists coffee-infused baijiu, an experiment I’ve tried at home, as well as options such as as vanilla and saffron.

And Beijing-based Good Works Coffee & Tea, which sources its beans and leaves from Yunnan, has been doing experiments with baijiu. Those will be available when they team up with Pop-Up Beijing for this year’s World Baijiu Day, with event details to be available in just a few days.

Those are just a few examples, with more out there, especially when it comes to baijiu cocktails.

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