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By Jim Boyce | Canada might be known for maple syrup, icewine and poutine but it also has some options for baijiu buyers. I’ve written about the lineup in Ontario, and will update that soon, but today’s focus is on the west coast. BC Liquor Stores has more than a dozen baijius though you will need to check to see which of the 197 branches stock each one.

At the budget end are light aroma baijus like Niu Lan Shan (42%, 500 ml, 62 stores) at CAD18.99, Fen Chiew (375 ml, 53%, 22 stores) at CAD19.49, and Red Star (500 ml, 56%, 92 stores) at CAN16.99. Admittedly, those prices are high for those used to buying in China.

You’ll need to open your wallet much further for other brands, including Luzhou Laojiao (500 ml, 52%, 16 stores) at CAN149.99 and 30-year-old Fen Jiu (500 ml, 48%, 15 stores) at CAN124.99. The latter gets this pretty description: “This crystal clear spirit has an elegant fragrance and tastes remarkably mild and sweet and with a lingering finish.”

There are also other well known brands such as Shui Jing Fang, Wuliangye and Kweichou Moutai, including the latter’s Flying Fairy (500 ml, 20 stores, CAD299.99), a label that averaged 4.1 out of 5 stars based on 202 votes. Unfortunately, I don’t see the province’s very own baijiu brand, Dragon Mist, listed.

For more details, and more baijius, see the BC Liquor Stores site.

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