Marseille 2021 | The Punch, The Trees and The Castle

The punch is back! One of the most beautiful concoctions that has graced a World Baijiu Day event:

Marseilles: Bar Dans Les Arbes

It’s back. In the trees. Specifically, at the Bar in the Trees / Bar Dans Les Arbres near Marseille on August 9. And it looks delicious.

And Guillaume Ferroni, fresh off a long tour promoting Juillet Gin, says he also plans to host a baijiu master class that same day at 6 PM at the castle Chateau des Creissaudssee the official event info here.

Both venues are in Aubagne, which is close to Marseille. And these are just the latest in a series of World Baijiu Day events organized by Ferroni over the years, from having each of the head bartenders create a baijiu cocktail to the team making a drink menu themed on the Silk Road.

(Note: Entry to the bar and master class require having a Sanitary Pass on the attendee’s cell phone, which serves as proof of a double vaccination or recent PCR test.)

Here’s some photos of the Bar in the Trees!

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