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dan murphy's wuliangye australia screenshot for world baijiu day

(Finding baijiu outside China can be difficult. The “Buy Jiu” series aims to help. Any feedback on these posts is welcome.)

Australians are known to enjoy a drink or two and the adventurous can even get their hands on some baijiu. Dan Murphy’s, the liquor store chain with over 100 outlets, each of which has thousands of different alcohols, lists over a dozen baijiu options.

True, they only hail from a couple of producers, tend to be expensive and, in some case, are available only for delivery, but one can always enjoy a few cases of Cooper’s Pale Ale while waiting for that bottle of Kweichou Moutai to arrive.

The priciest baijiu listed is, in fact, from Moutai, which has 13 products listed. You can get a 500 ml of Moutai aged fifty years for just over AUD5000. Those with shallower pockets can opt for a bottle of Wuliangye for AUD200 (save, uh, AUD2 per bottle if you order six) or Moutai Prince for AUD69.

I’ll have more posts soon on other places to get baijiu in Australia.

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