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This is the first in a series of posts that lists baijiu brands, with a screen shot, brief description and homepage link for each. All entries will be compiled on this page. I’ll post eight to ten brands per post to keep things manageable and will start with some used during last Saturday’s World Baijiu Day. (If you spot any mistakes, please let me know at: spirit (at)

Baijiu Producer Listings byejoe United States

byejoe in Houston imports its spirit from Sichuan, filters it in South Carolina and then packages and sells it in the U.S. market. The portfolio includes one straight baijiu and two infusions. More here.

Baijiu Producer Listings Confucius Wisdom United States

Confucius Wisdom is based in Washington and imports a baijiu from China for branding in the United States. It is widely available in the local area. More here.

Baijiu Producer Listings Jiangxianghe 将相和 China

Jiangxianghe is based in Wuhu in Anhui Province. Founded in 1997, it has more than a dozen products. More here.

Baijiu Producer Listings Kweichou Moutai 茅台 China

Moutai / 茅台 in Guizhou is China’s most famous baijiu brand. The focus is sauce aroma baijiu and the company has numerous overseas distributors and showrooms, including in Sydney and Paris. More here.

Baijiu Producer Listings Shuijingfang 水井坊 China

Shuijingfang / 水井坊 in Sichuan is produced by SwellFun with investment from global drinks giant Diageo. The operation makes strong aroma baijiu and is said to be over 600 years old. More here.

Baijiu Producer Listings Taizi  太紫 New Zealand

Taizi / 太紫 in Christchurch makes its light aroma baijiu just south of the city. All ingredients are sourced from New Zealand and Australia. More here.

Baijiu Producer Listings Vinn Distillery United States

Vinn in Portland is family-owned distillery that makes baijiu using ingredients from the United States. This company also makes vodka and whiskey. More here.

Baijiu Producer Listings Wuling 武陵 China

Wuling / 武陵 is made in Sichuan and owned by Lenovo. The company produces sauce aroma baijiu and is positioning itself as a less expensive alternative to Moutai. More here.

Baijiu Producer Listings Yimuquan 一亩泉 China

Yimuquan / 一亩泉 in Baoding, southeast of Beijing, produces over 30 brands of baijiu, including mixed aroma options. It is one of the few operations that uses “wine seas“. More here.

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