WBD Participants | Venues in Marseilles, Milan and Washington on board

By Jim Boyce | With venues in Marseilles, Milan and Washington on board, we are already set to party in 20 cities this year—the same number as in 2015—and still have more than six weeks to go!

One is Marseilles, where Guillaume Ferroni says Carry Nation will feature three cocktails using well-known baijiu Moutai. If you plan to go, check the website for directions, as Ferroni says this place is truly a speakeasy in terms of location. Fans in France also have the option of a Moutai seminar and tasting in Paris with Sarah Chen, who ran a similar event last year–more details to come.

Meanwhile in Milan, Luca Barbieri says restaurant Blu Blu Blu is working on an oyster and baijiu pairing. He says they are currently narrowing down the best pairing options.

And David Zhou of brand Confucius Wisdom is lining up three venues in Washington, including last year’s participant Wok and Roll Karaoke, as well as Jackey Cafe and Sichuan restaurant Panda Gourmet. More on all of those soon.

See a list of all the participating venues here.

Founded in 2015, World Baijiu Day is held each August 9, with events in over 60 cities so far. Follow WBD on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And get in touch via spirit (at) worldbaijiuday.com.

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