Flashback | Guanyun baijiu, fusion foods & folk tunes

[Recap!] We had quite a get-together at The Rug Cafe in Beijing with producer Guanyun for the last World Baijiu Day. The evening’s hero was Ma Kun of Guanyun, who drove 10 hours from a business meeting in Shanxi to host our 7 PM dinner and presented four spirits and their intriguing stories before, after some tasty food pairing, pulling out a guitar and playing folk songs Good times!

A tasting of Jiangsu-based Guanyun’s baijius in the company’s Beijing office last year, including intriguing strong- and sauce-aroma varieties, inspired The Rug event. And The Rug certainly delivered on the dishes, with plenty of fusion treats, including mapo tofu pizza, soba noodles with Sichuan-style pork neck, and a pearl milk tea-based dessert, with guests trying the baijius against each one.

And a CGTN crew that had planned to film just the start of our tasting ended up staying and enjoying the baijiu, food and music until we shut down The Rug hours later. Good times with a diverse group of tasters!

Check out the video at this link, which includes coverage of the baijiu-inspired cocktail and gelato featured by Superfly in the Opposite House Hotel just up the street from The Rug.

Thanks to The Rug and Guanyun for a memorable evening.

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