Buenos Aires 2021 | ‘Where on Earth is Nicolas Constantin?’

One of the big annual World Baijiu Day questions is, “Where on Earth is Nicolas Constantin!?”

This globe-trotting bartender first participated in WBD in 2017 in Buenos Aires at 430 / 四三〇 Ramen & Drinks. Then went on to do events in 2018 and 2019 in Spain, both in getaways Marbella and in Feungirole.

And for 2021? Constantin is back in Buenos Aires and will host an event at Mixology Club on August 9, which is World Baijiu Day proper.

The event, which includes a baijiu tasting, is titled, “Baijiu: The Spirit of the Future?”

“I wanted to do something informal this year,” says Constantin, who has acquired a wide base of knowledge on Asian spirits these past few years. “It will be quite relaxed.”

He adds that he is also talking to another venue about getting the baijiu flowing on the Saturday before–August 7. More details as they become available.

You can also follow Constantin on Instagram here.

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