Hong Kong 2021 | Ten cocktails at Gomes’ Gastropub

Those curious about baijiu cocktails in Hong Kong will have lots of options as Jay Yang plans to feature ten creations at Gomes’ Gastropub on August 8. The common thread running through these concoctions is products by Baijiu Society, which makes a series of baijiu beers as well as baijius that features flavors such as peach, cherry, yuzu, lychee, coffee and a blend of spices like cinnamon, clove and star anise. That gives bartenders lots of latitude in which to get creative.

The cocktails include the Cherry Fairy, with cherry baijiu, cherry nectar, soda and a black cherry garnish, and the China Colada, featuring Jaxcoco coconut milk along with mixed-spice baijiu, Malibu and pineapple juice.

The Bruce’s Way also includes that mixed-spice baijiu, this time with chrysanthemum tea with goji berries, ginger, and honey, while BuyBai Coffee Cream Mocha has coffee-inspired baijiu as well as Bols coffee liqueur, Bailey’s Irish Cream, espresso and chocolate sprinkles.

And there are six more drinks from which to choose. Check them out at Gomes: follow the gastropub’s Instagram here. And Baijiu Society’s here.

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