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By Jim Boyce | Ludvig Sääf is popping up on World Baijiu Day plenty these days. First, it was a confession about his baijiu experiences. Then it was a tasting of gold-inspired cocktails made with China’s national alcohol. Now he’s letting people know where to get such spirits in his homeland.

“As we entered the Year of the Dog, Sweden had zero baijiu on Systembolaget [the monopolistic government-owned alcohol chain],” Sääf recently wrote on social media. “So, it is with great joy and excitement we can announce that starting from today there are 10 different baijiu to order from Systembolaget (beställningssortiment)!”

Lu provides links to the distributors involved, including APC Trading and his own Lu Spirits, and lists the baijius available:

Light aroma
Red Star Erguotou Classic 56%
Red Star Erguotou 8 years 53%

Strong aroma
Luzhou Laojiao Erqu 38%
Luzhou Laojiao Erqu 52%
Luzhou Laojiao Touqu 52%
Luzhou Laojiao Tequ 52%
Luzhou Laojiao National Cellar 1573 52%

Sauce aroma
Moutai Feitian 53%
Moutai Prince 53%
Moutai Yingbin 53%

And there’s more: Sääf and Jiuxian, a Scandinavian society focused on Chinese drinking culture, participated in World Baijiu Day last year and are now making plans for this year’s celebration. More details soon.

You can also check out the buy jiu series to see where else to pick up Chinese spirits.

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